Longshots is a innovative pet toy line inspired by real dogs and their everyday play. While most dogs really love their plush toys, plush toys are not really interactive and, since they do't work well as a fetch toy, do not provide much exercise. For increased interactive play, generally throwing some type of ball or rubber toy was the only option and most dogs quickly lose interest in chasing balls and rubber toys...I know mine do. Why not find a way to include a dog's favorite toy in a game of interactive fetching and, while we're at it, why not make a rubber toy that is designed better for fetching and goes as far as a ball... really tired of all the dirt and who knows what buildup on balls, and does not have to be thrown constantly. This idea to create a better game of fetch, led to the creation of Longshots®.

The Longshots toy line (patent pending) is basically the combination of a hand held launcher and a line of toys that are designed to be used in tandem with the launcher. The launcher is similar to a slingshot, although it has been dramatically redesigned to be more consumer-friendly and work more effectively with our toys. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the launcher is the Launch Hook that attaches to the toys. The Launch hook design allows a broad range of toys to be attached and released quickly and easily. All plush toys in the line have been designed with increased weight forward at a ratio of about 60/40 (meaning that we have greater weight in front/top of the toy than in the back/bottom). Additionally, all toys include a simple Launch Loop in the front/top of the toy that allows the toy to be attached easily to the launcher. Essentially, with proper design and the inclusion of a simple Launch Loop, we have been able to maintain the simplicity of the plush toy while still increasing game play.

In addition to plush toys, we also offer a unique "Launch Ball." The Launch Ball is designed especially for the Longshots Launcher and, it too, includes a Launch Loop to allow it to be attached to the Longshots Launcher. The Launch Ball is designed to offer an erratic bounce upon landing and a longer flight for those dogs that want to run a bit further at times. The design of the Launch Ball also utilizes grooves to help clean teeth and gums during play. More importantly, it does not retain nearly as much dirt buildup and is easily cleaned.

There you have it... an exciting new game of fetch! We really do "make fetch fun."

Please note: the Longshots Launcher is designed for use only with Longshots toys, please do not attempt to launch toys that are not designed for the Longshots Launcher.

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